Andrew Tiu – Leaving corporate for your kids – Season 1, Episode 4

Making the leap and starting a business to work from home to spend more time with your family


Today on the podcast we have Andrew Tiu, who left his corporate job making video content for fossil watches in order to work at home so he could spend more time with his family. Andrew is part of a growing trend of dads who give up their high-paying corporate gigs in order to pursue careers that have more flexible work hours for family time. After leaving his corporate job, Andrew now creates video content for brands full-time on his own. When he’s not working on videos for clients, Andrew and his wife Katie review baby gear on YouTube. They are expecting their first child. Andrew also blogs about being an expectant father and about fatherhood. Andrew, welcome to the Dad Time Podcast!


  • What it was like to leave a corporate position and starting a company
  • How the workday has changed
  • The benefit of time
  • Getting health insurance when you don’t have company benefits
  • How socializing is different when you work from home
  • How your immune system changes when you’re not around people in the office
  • How family time has changed by working at home
  • Why dads should never stop learning
  • Advice for dads who are thinking about starting a business
  • Maternity leave when you work from home