The Three Year Old Photographer – Season 1 Episode 7

Dad Encourages Sons Photography Passion

Matthew Druin is a professional photographer based out of Atlanta Georgia. He specializes in destination weddings and family photography. He also works in the fashion industry.

His son has always shown an interest in photography and has had several toy cameras. Matthew decided to encourage this passion by dusting off an old point-and-shoot camera and giving it to his son.

On this show, he talks about encouraging his son’s hobby and how surprised he was about his son’s creativity. You can see some of his son’s pictures on his son’s Instagram feed (link below).

He talks about how he and his son use the camera as an opportunity to bond, and give some tips about how to get your son started in a hobby.

Matthew Druin’s Site: – specialize in destination weddings, portraits, and Day In The Life family documentaries.

Matthew’s son’s Instagram:

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